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B Corp Month 2022

This B Corp Month, let's invite everyone behind the scenes
to uncover what makes a B Corp
a better business

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It’s become increasingly common for people to distrust businesses. Who knows what’s really going on behind closed doors? The Behind the B campaign aims
to bring back that trust.

So this March, we’re opening the doors to the B Corp community. Using multiple channels, we’re inviting people to step behind the scenes and see that the
B logo isn’t just for show.

By going Behind the B, we’ll reveal how our community is making business a force for good. We’ll also peek behind the curtain at B Lab, for a glimpse into what goes behind the process to become a Certified B Corporation.

Behind the B will showcase how this new way of doing business is changing the world. B Corps of all sizes
and from different industries are joining together
to make this the biggest, most inclusive, and impactful campaign to date.



Get to know B Corps across Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

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What's on in March

This B Corp Month, we have a line-up of events to help you connect, be inspired, and learn from B Corps across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. 


29 March

Go behind the scenes with Bart Houlahan and Andrew Kassoy to hear about their vision when they dreamed up B Corp certification, the challenges along the way, and the lessons they’ve learned from running a global network set out to transform our economic system.


Register now to save the date


After-work community drinks

After two years of being apart, it's time to bring the community back together. Join us for some good times and great company.

Want to host drinks in your city? Get in touch!

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Save the date: New B Corp Q&A with Lorna Davis

15 March

Join us for a special behind the scenes event with one of our newest Certified B Corporations. Hosted by Lorna Davis, former CEO of Danone North America and B Corp Ambassador, this session is for the B Corp community to hear about the certification journey of one of our biggest B Corps to date, ask questions, and meet their team.

Register now to save the date.


Tune in for expert-led masterclasses with B Corps in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Financial wellbeing & resilience with Beyond Bank

9 March

After two years of economic uncertainty, how can we build financial resilience and prepare for future crises? Stephen Handrick of Beyond Bank Australia will demonstrate how to use financial planning to protect yourself, and how to support employees.

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When to engage a consultant in the climate action journey

23 March

An initiative of the B Corp Climate Collective, this masterclass will explore practical ways to tackle climate action in organisations, and the value of external consultants  — including when to engage them and what to expect.

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How to avoid greenwashing
with GECA


30 March

Hosted by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), this masterclass will explore the nuances of greenwashing and how robust voluntary environmental labelling can give consumers confidence in your products, services, and organisation.

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Creating your theory of change with Spark Strategy

24 March

This session will walk through how to develop a theory of change and impact measurement framework, how to identify what data to collect, plus how to use these things to develop a narrative that communicates your impact.


B Corp employees can tune in for role-based workshops with B Corps in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

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& Culture

3 March

Learn about protecting your team's wellbeing, designing roles for the future, trialing new ways of working, or taking flexibility to the next level.

For B Corp employees only

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& Communications

8 March

Gain a deeper understanding of ethical marketing best practices, and how to communicate purpose effectively.

For B Corp employees only

Behind the B - Frame 13.png


17 March


Learn how to reduce your business' emissions, tools and resources that others are using, and how expectations for business are changing.

For B Corp employees only

Behind the B - Frame 14.png

Supply chain

22 March


Learn how others have improved visibility of their supply chains, worked with suppliers to improve their practices and worked to eradicate modern slavery risks.

For B Corp employees only

Community calendar

Community Calendar

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