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It's with great disappointment that we have cancelled Champions Retreat. Read more below.

A gathering to connect, learn and collaborate.

Champions Retreat is an opportunity to connect with B Corps and people united in using business as a force for good. More than ever, in 2020 we need an economy that works for everyone and heals the planet.

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Retreat Sponsors

Sponsorship is critical to making the Retreat possible, and we're grateful to all our sponsors for their contributions. If you're interested in sponsoring the Retreat, please get in touch

Principal partner

The Champions Retreat is a carbon neutral event thanks to Intrepid Travel.

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Major partners

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Supporting partners

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Media partners

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Retreat Updates

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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Spring Bay Mill, Tasmania

When we discovered Spring Bay Mill we knew it was a perfect location for Champions Retreat 2020. Spring Bay is on the lands of the Paredarerme tribe and is a place of extreme beauty and the stark, rugged landscapes that Tasmania is known for – a beautiful, remote location, close to nature and appropriate for deep reflection and connection.

Retreat Location

An hour from Hobart

After the working mill was decommissioned in 2011, environmental philanthropist Graeme Wood purchased the property and the stunning site has been transformed into an event and accommodation space like no other.


An hour from Hobart, opposite Maria Island, the Mill is placed squarely on the Bay and is a commanding presence, with rusting hulks of machinery a stark and strangely beautiful reminder of the damage once wrought by the wood chip industry in Tasmania.


The two-day retreat program will set the scene for future collective action amongst the B Corp community, and help you drive impact innovation in your business. More speakers and program to be announced soon.


Wednesday March 17

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Arrival, activities & welcome

On day one we will see staggered arrival at Spring Bay Mill, with those arriving early in the day or the day prior taking part in activities like a Maria Island walk or tree planting (see extra activities below). We'll gather for nibbles and drinks by Wattlebanks and a welcome dinner cooked on an open fire by Wild Kitchen.


Thursday March 18

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Talks, workshops, activities & more

Starting the day with yoga or a walk, we'll meet for breakfast before a full day and night of talks, workshops, and activities. This day will include Impact Improvement Sessions, sharing best practice and skills for impact business models, plus you'll have chance to set the agenda for Collective Action in the B Corp community. Note: all meals are together on site including an evening dinner and drinks.


Friday March 19

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Workshops, reflection & close

Friday we’ll greet the sun again with yoga or a walk, and gather our thoughts over breakfast before our final Impact Improvement sessions. We’ll come together one last time to reflect and close, then from after lunch we’ll start heading out to the airport - or if you have planned well, your next Tasmanian destination.

Extra activities on Day 1

Shuttle times from Hobart to Spring Bay Mill* 

  • 10 am 

  • 1 pm

  • 4:30 pm

Catching the 10am shuttle? You have all day to enjoy any of the activities below:

On the 1pm shuttle? Join one of the two onsite afternoon experiences:


For those on the 4:30 shuttle you’ll be going straight to the welcome gathering at 5:30pm  

Hiring a car? Join us for any of the optional day 1 activities! 


*please note that the shuttle trip from airport to Spring Bay Mill is approx 1 hour 

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201910_BCorp_Champs Retreat_Icon Illustr

Take bold steps

Meet other leaders, learn from their stories, and take bold steps together toward a regenerative future.

Meaningful connections

The meaningful connections made at the Champions Retreat will serve you and your business for a lifetime.

Shift gears

Sparking ideas, shared adventure and a remote setting will catalyse new thinking for you and your team


Jirra Lulla Harvey.png

Kalinya Communications

lorna davis.jpg

Global Ambassador B Corp

graeme wood_edited.jpg

Graeme Wood Foundation
& Spring Bay Mill


Purposeful impact through supply chain improvement

Workshop participants will critically review and discuss a selection of B Corp case examples to co-design a set of principles to foster purposeful supply chain impact improvements.


Danielle Duell


Bringing to life a circular economy

This is your chance to hear from B Corps directly involved in making the circular economy a reality and then collaborate to develop new solutions.  You will hear challenges and stories from B Corps directly working in this space, then using this inspiration design solutions to a circular economy.


Tim O'Brien


Stakeholder governance: What it means and how can you do it well

‘Governance’ can seem like a complicated concept best left to someone else. But it is fundamental to good business, and stakeholder governance – considering the impact of a business on, for example, its employees – sits at the core of what it means to be a B Corp. This session will include a panel discussion to demystify what stakeholder governance means and how any company can put in place the steps to do it well.  


Sanaya Khisty
B Lab Australia & New Zealand

What’s in it for me, an employee, working for a B?

Look inside the engine room, and explore how to bring this thing we call B Corp to life, with the employees in our hearts.

Pod-Harv-BCorp-BLOG-730x1024 - CQ NZ.jpg

Ian Harvey

Collective Intelligence

The SDGs are Good Business

Learn and share tips for integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your business model. This interactive session that will kick start a new community of practice for B Corps.

photo 2.JPG

Alischa Ross and Amanda Nuttall

Think Impact

The magic of tapping into a diverse workforce

Do you want to be an employer of choice with a diverse workforce? Do you want to increase innovation & creativity through cultural diversity? Do you want to tap into a resilient & adaptable talent stream?
Come and be inspired and equipped with the information you need to introduce marginalised people such as displaced people, in your workplace. 


Cheryll & Lucas Olmos and Wendy McCormick 

Musketeers & Silverchef

Democratising business ownership and enabling decent work

How can businesses unlock more engagement and productivity in the workplace? Learn from other B Corps on how they are innovating to create more employee-centred approaches to ownership, strategy and everyday experience.


Alex Hannant
Yunus Centre - Griffith University

Putting People Before Profit

Debunking the myth that one has to come before the other. How Human Centered Leadership could mean you don't have to justify putting people or profit first. You will hear from leaders in the B Corp movement who have successfully prioritised both people and profit - our hope is that you come away with new skills, learnings and strategies that will elevate your business performance and impact.


Whitney Teluk

Hub Australia

Carbon neutrality

How to understand your carbon footprint and learn ways to reduce your impact.


Hannah Meade

Ndevr Environmental

Getting to & from the retreat

Getting to & from
201910_BCorp_Champs Retreat_Icon Illustr


Wednesday 17

Find your way to Hobart Airport, and we’ll take you from there. Spring Bay Mill is a one hour drive from the airport. We have organised coaches to get you to Spring Bay Mill for our 5:30pm welcome event.


Retreat coaches will leave Hobart Airport at:

  • 10:00am

  • 1:00pm

  • 4:30pm


If you can’t arrive in time for one of these coaches, please get in touch


Transfers to your accommodation will be provided after the welcome dinner event.

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Transport to and from accommodation

Please note that all retreat activities will be taking place on-site at Spring Bay Mill.


Shuttles will be available to take people to and from off-site accommodation.

Private car hire

You are welcome to hire a private car from any of the providers at Hobart Airport including Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty and Budget.

For those who are adding onto their journey and want to find their own way to or from Spring Bay Mill, Spring Bay Mill is located at 555 Freestone Point Road Triabunna TAS (Google Maps).

201910_BCorp_Champs Retreat_Icon Illustr


Friday 19

Coaches departing Spring Bay Mill for Hobart Airport on Friday 19 March at

  • 1:00pm (arrival at Hobart Airport 2:00pm)

  • 3:30pm (arrival at Hobart Airport 4:30pm)

Carbon offsetting with Intrepid

Intrepid Travel will be contributing to a climate protection project in order to compensate for the event’s unavoidable CO2 emissions. Please offset your own flights, Intrepid Travel will take care of everything else


We have sourced a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes. We encourage people to share accommodation to connect and make the best use of capacity.

All retreat activities will be taking place on-site at Spring Bay Mill. Shuttles will be available to take people to and from off-site accommodation but you are also welcome to make your own way between the venue and accommodation by private car.

201910_BCorp_Champs Retreat_Icon Illustr
SBMAerial1218-2108-1024x575 (2).jpg


For on-site glamping, bookings can be made when you purchase your ticket. These are two-night packages for either a queen, double or single (twin share) in a glamping tent, starting from $139. If you have registered already and want to book glamping, get in touch.

East Coaster Homepage_Banner_Restaurant


The East Coaster is a stone’s throw away, across the bay from Spring Bay Mill. There are 60 rooms reserved for us starting from $139 per night. To book, call the East Coaster and quote the B Lab event.**

Triabunna Cabins (2).jpg


The Triabunna Cabins and Caravan Park are a basic accommodation option for those who are budget conscious. Book into the cabins by calling them direct and mention the B Lab Retreat (website will show no availability). Cabins start from $100 per night.



**Rooms will not be showing as available on the web. You will need to mention B Corp when you book to get one of the reserved rooms.



Tickets include meals, transfers, and program, they do not include flights or accommodation.​

  1. It’s important to first and foremost, grab your tickets.

  2. But a very close second is the need to book your travel and accommodation so that you don’t miss out on a bed or a flight. So that we can make the appropriate arrangements for you once you land

  3. The B Lab team will be in touch shortly after you purchase your ticket to find out which accommodation and flight option you have chosen, and we can advise you if you need extra help.


Scholarship rates are available for B Corps that can demonstrate impact and need. Contact us for more info.

Register to attend

Champions Retreat 2017

"As a newly certified BCorp, the Champions Retreat (2017) was an invaluable opportunity to connect with other purpose driven businesses away from everyday life. Being on Country, in a very special part of Australia we got to know each other beyond just who we are and where we’re from, and were inspired by how each of us are using business to do good”

Jasmin Daly
Stone & Wood

Stone and wood-Grey.png
The 2017 Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should come?

Designed for business owners, CEOs, B Keepers and key senior management, attending the Retreat means you help set the direction for the B Corp community and drive impact in your business through connecting with and hearing from other B Corps on leading operating practices and impact business models.

What meals are included in the ticket?

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Wednesday lunch to Friday lunch are included. We are especially excited for Wednesday evening’s meal where we will gather for nibbles and drinks by Wattlebanks and a welcome dinner cooked on an open fire by Wild Kitchen.

When do I check in / out of my accommodation?

On arrival on Wednesday, you will go straight to the venue and will not check in to your accommodation until after dinner. On Friday 19th March coaches will depart from Spring Bay Mill only, so you will need to check out of your accommodation on Friday morning and bring luggage with you for the morning at Spring Bay Mill.

Do I have to book on-site glamping?

No, you are welcome to stay anywhere you like in the areas of Triabunna or Orford. We recommend the East Coaster Resort where we have rooms reserved, the Triabunna Cabins, or local Airbnbs. If you are staying off-site, you will need to travel to and from Spring Bay Mill each day, either by catching the shuttle service we’ll provide or by hiring a car. Note: taxis and ubers cannot be relied on in this area.

What if I have dietary requirements?

No problem! All dietary requirements and food allergies will be collected at registration.

I'm booking Airbnb, where can I be picked up?

If you are booking an Airbnb, please note the pick up points for transport to and from the main venue each morning and evening. You may prefer to rent a car if you’re staying at an Airbnb that is not walking distance from a pick up point.

How ‘glam’ is the glamping?

We have seen the tents for ourselves and we can tell you they are very comfortable, secure, sealed and the bedding and furnishings are luxurious. That said, it is still a lot like camping! You will need a flashlight, you will need to go out into the cold to go to the loo, and you will be using portaloos and portable, outdoor showers. If you like camping, you’ll love it!

Can I rent a car?

Yes, and we encourage it, especially if you like to run to your own schedule and if you would like to stay longer in Tasmania before or after the retreat. Note: taxis and ubers cannot be relied on in this area so if you are drinking you will need to ensure you can return home at night with a designated driver or via our shuttle which can drop you near your accommodation.

Where do shuttles pick-up/drop-off?

  • Eastcoaster, 1 Louisville Rd, Orford

  • Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park, 4 Vicary St Triabunna

  • Orford Town, Tasman Highway near Orford Blue Waters Hotel


Shuttles will take people to and from the venue each morning and night. You are also welcome to make your own way by car.

What if I’m travelling in Tassie before or after?

We hope you do! If this is you, you just need to join us at Spring Bay Mill by around 4:30pm on Wednesday 17th March, and we’ll be done and dusted from lunchtime on Friday 19th March. There are endless things to experience in Tasmania, so enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Champions Retreat Enquiries

If we can help with transport, accommodation, connecting with B Corps, sponsorship or anything else please get in touch.

For enquiries about becoming a B Corp, please submit the form on our homepage, click here.

How can we help you?

Thanks for your enquiry we’ll be in contact soon, please note we’re closed from 24th December to 6th January.

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