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Alberts is now a Certified B Corporation

Since 1885, Alberts has played a vital role in the evolution of Australia’s media and popular culture, from the early days of music publishing through to the birth of commercial radio and television and the Australian pop and rock music industry. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Alberts has supported artists from AC/DC to the Easybeats and Baz Luhrmann and has never been afraid to back technological and social change. Led by the fifth generation, the family company is now focussed on impact investing, backing pioneering founders who share their vision for a better tomorrow.

"We invest in impact driven pioneers, solving pressing problems, right from the start. Our focus thematics are environmental sustainability, mental health & wellbeing, music, arts & entertainment, & equality."
The Alberts team stand on a rooftop with a skyline.

Alberts sought B Corp certification as a way to demonstrate their commitment to their practices and values. "Not only do we support others doing good things, but we wanted to show that we were willing to do so ourselves," the team explained.

They recently launched an impact venture capital fund, through which they plan to work with pioneers solving some of the world's most pressing problems. "We want to work with businesses that have impact embedded at their core," they said. "We are using the skills and knowledge we've gained from working with pioneers in the music and entertainment industries over the last 137 years of the business, to work now with a broader range of impact pioneers."

The Alberts family stand on a rooftop with a waterfront skyline.

When asked what they would like to see become the norm for businesses, the impact investors said they hoped for every business decision to consider the social and environmental impacts and be informed by this.

"We're inspired by all the B Corps that have come before us - standing up for a better world and committing to do better themselves."

For businesses going through the process, the Alberts team has one piece of advice: keep going!

Learn more about Alberts here.



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