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Collaborating for generational change with Arranyinha

Marsha Uppill is the Co-Founder of Arranyinha: an Aboriginal-owned and operated business offering culture strategy, cultural diplomacy, reconciliation, and education workshops. Drawing on three decades of experience and knowledge in government, community, and industry sectors, Marsha and Nick's work is built on a foundation of First Nations knowledge, wisdom, and culture.

To celebrate Indigenous Business Month, we spoke with Marsha to hear more about her work at Arranyinha.

Tell us a bit about you.

Nangga (meaning hello, how are you in Adnyamathanha language), my name is Marsha Uppill, I am a proud Adnyamathanha Arraru Artu from the Flinders Ranges region of South Australia. Nick Uppill and I are the Co-Founders of Arranyinha Pty Ltd.

Arranyinha is my birth name meaning first born woman of my mother. It is my identity, my connection to my culture and my people. I live, learn, work and play on the unceded lands of the Wadawurrung. I was born a social justice warrior, it is in my blood, in the core of my identity.

I believe in the power of words, to give life, to inspire dreams, to empower action, to impact generational change.

Founders of Arranyinha Pty Ltd.

Tell us more about your work at Arranyinha.

Arranyinha Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal-owned and operated business, built on a foundation of First Nations knowledge, wisdom, and culture coupled with 30 years experience and knowledge in the government, community, and industry sectors.

Focussing on strategic planning and systems change, Arranyinha aims to empower business and First Nations to collaborate for generational change.

We do this through our foundation of cultural respect and the building blocks of education, inspiration, and empowerment. Our services include culture strategy, cultural diplomacy, reconciliation, and education workshops, which focus on understanding self and the impacts of unconscious bias, privilege, cultural respect, and reconciliation on First Nations people and communities.

What are the things you do best at Arranyinha?

Arranyinha's foundation of cultural respect is evident in all we do. We believe in healing for our Nations begins with an understanding of the individual, their journey to the present, and their path to the future. It's about ensuring what brings about my identity as a First Nations, first born woman is interwoven throughout the product and services we deliver. We believe in First Nations is first class.

Marsha Uppill, Co-Founder of Arranyinha Pty Ltd

What we bring as First Nations people to a conversation is the result of 8,000 generations of wisdom, knowledge, perspective, and principles.

That's why each of our personally and professionally developed systems of change allow for individualisation and creating relevant real-time understanding of what is impacting our people and how your business can be game-changers in this space.

B Corps are all about bringing profit and purpose together to prove they aren’t mutually exclusive. What is Arranyinha’s ‘purpose’?

Arranyinha’s purpose is to empower business and First Nations to collaborate for generational change. We believe our culture is not a commodity, its value is priceless.

We believe in inspiring First Nations people to create their own businesses and we celebrate them by promoting, supporting, and showcasing.

We believe the future is a journey and those roads need to be taken together.



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