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Australian Bushfire relief

Our team has been overwhelmed by the local and global response from our B Corp community to the Australian Bushfire Crisis. At a time where we struggle to digest the tragic reality unfolding around us, we remind ourselves of why we are here doing this work - we want to change a system that is currently failing our society and our planet.

As our world changes it is clear our real strength comes from community, our shared fate and responding to needs greater than our own. There are many ways to show your solidarity with those on the frontlines, our wildlife and fellow Aussies that have lost everything they own.

Thank you to all individuals and businesses who have donated to bushfire relief efforts. We have seen some incredibly generous contributions from the B Corp community, whether it be donating products or profits, fundraising initiatives, matching in-kind donations or anything else in between every bit helps.

Our B Corp community in particular has been remarkable in the way they’ve galvanised to support the communities affected by the bushfires. Beyond Bank, whose members have been some of the most directly impacted by the fires, in addition to raising money for bushfire relief efforts, is also collating volunteer opportunities across the regions so their staff can utilise their community leave days to support their communities with response and recovery efforts.

So where to from here? We share some ways you can support the communities and wildlife that have suffered.

1. Donate to help relief, recover and rebuild local communities and habitats! Here are some organisations you can donate to:






2. Help Local Business Spend With Them When the fires subside, residents and businesses in fire-ravaged areas will be starting to navigate the road to recovery. Spend With Them helps you buy direct from clothing labels, surf shops, farms, wineries, distilleries and more.

Many of the towns affected by the bushfires in both NSW and Victoria are popular tourist areas.

A campaign developed by two friends in Melbourne encourages ‘city folk,’ to head to fire affected communities and surrounds, including the North East, with an empty esky. The idea is to support regional retailers and producers, by hitting the road, spending money and filling their eskies with produce to take home.

Lend a hand and volunteer on bushfire affected farms

If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and get your hand dirty, there are organisations where you can register your interest to volunteer and lend a hand to assist on bushfire affected farms once the fire danger has passed.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer you can register at Conservation Volunteers Australia, BlazeAid, an organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods and at the Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative.

3. Commit to Net Zero by 2030!

At COP25 in December last year, more than 500 B Corps from around the world committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030! This is a HUGE achievement as it is the largest group of businesses to make a commitment like this so far. We encourage B Corps and other businesses to commit to net zero and think about how you can reduce your environmental impact.

We want to acknowledge some of the B Corps

… and many, many more!



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