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B Corp Month: Buying from B Corps

As B Corps, we adopt the Declaration of Interdependence: pledging to a vision of a new economy that benefits all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

The first step towards interdependence is looking at our own supply chains and business relationships. Where are we supporting other B Corps? Where can we make changes to support our vision of a new economy?

For B Corp Month this year, we’re talking about the idea of ‘Better Together for a Better World.’ We’re celebrating the times that B Corps supported each other in the past as inspiration for how we can collaborate in the future. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen B Corps be creative about becoming interdependent.

A daily dose of B Corp: Australian Ethical

A walk through Australian Ethical HQ starts at the espresso machine, which is stocked with fresh beans from Sprout Coffee. You might catch a glimpse into the mail room, where you’ll find stacks of parcels awaiting pick-up from Sendle. And if you’re lucky enough to pop in on Friday afternoon, you’ll be handed an ice cold Stone & Wood from the fridge, plus a snack from Dan the Man if there’s a special occasion.

When Australian Ethical wanted to tell their members how they invest, they went to Digital Storytellers to produce a video that told their story. They joined forces with Benedictus Media and Mkt. Communications to run their #mymoneymatters campaign, reminding members that their investments can be used to make a better world. And when their community was looking for holiday gifts, they sent them to their Koskela Gift Guide.

They’re simple choices that make all the difference for our B Corp community. The more we do business with each other, the stronger we make the movement.

Making customer choices easy

The online marketplace Flora & Fauna offers a range of vegan and cruelty-free products for the ethically-minded consumer. When browsing the shop, customers can explore a dedicated ‘B Corp Brands’ page to browse all the stocked B Corp products. It’s one more way that Flora & Fauna encourages its audience to choose responsibly by supporting companies that balance profit with the people and the planet.

Taking care of B Corps

Beyond Bank believes in a better way of doing business, and they have the offers to back it up. Certified B Corps can now access their fee-free banking with a Community Account to recognise the achievement. It’s one of many perks that come with being a force for good. B Corps all over Australia are seeing the benefits of thinking outside the box and choosing Beyond Bank, and the B Corp community will keep growing stronger because of it.

Find a B Corp to support

If you’ve been thinking about how you can buy more ethically or grow your impact by supporting B Corps, the new and improved directory for Australia & New Zealand is a great place to start. Filter by product category, service type or browse the listings by country to discover who's who in the community.

Check out categories, from coffee to financial services, here.



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