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BFTW 2019 Changemaker: Honest To Goodness

Founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team Matt and Karen Ward, Honest to Goodness actively supports sustainability and community in their dealings with their suppliers and customers. They have also been a Changemaker honoree, three years running. We hear from Honest to Goodness’ Brand Manager Aneka Reid, as to why their innovative approach to bettering their impact has landed them this recognition.

1. What makes your company Best For The World?

We are in business to empower the community to make wholesome, sustainable and ethical choices that benefit both people and the planet. Although the most positive impact we make is through the products we select to have in our range, our major focus for continual improvement is around minimising our environmental impact and reducing the amount of waste we generate as a business.

We are continuing our research and testing on home compostable packaging solutions for our products, and have also completely swapped out plastic bubble wrap for paper as protection in all of our shipper boxes. We know that every decision, whether big or small, is a step in the right direction and each day we continue to work closer towards our mission. If we let our values drive our choices then we know that this will always result in a positive impact on all our stakeholders and the world.

2. What makes you stand our from other companies?

As an industry leader in organic food & natural products, we believe we are responsible for setting an example of how it is possible to operate ethically and responsibly and yet still have a vibrant, healthy business and community. Certification as a B Corp in 2015 was an important step for us to really showcase our real commitment to operating a sustainable and ethical business. Having B Lab, the non-profit organisation supporting the B Corp movement, recognise us as a Best for the World 2019 Changemaker means a lot because it shows we are making a continual effort and taking steps in the right direction.

3. How do you plan to celebrate?

We’re doing a big highlight of this awesome news at our monthly “Cake Day” celebrations for September (which is normally saved for team birthdays & anniversaries). We’re also planning an event at our retail store at HQ that celebrates this honourable title with our customers.

4. Part of being “Best for the World” is striving to always use your business as a force for good. What initiatives do you have planned for the coming year to continue to be Best for the World?

We have managed to establish many sustainable practices in our everyday operations, but we acknowledge that being a sustainable business is always an ongoing project, and one we are always trying to improve upon. As a focus we will continue our extensive research and testing with biodegradable and home compostable packaging as new technologies continue to evolve, with the biggest challenge being finding a packaging solution that has good oxygen barrier properties that will allow the food inside to remain fresh and tasty, free from pests and can be kept for an extended period of time.

We will also look at building out our corporate social responsibility efforts further through developing more unique and long lasting partnerships and programs that give back to both local and/or international communities.

5. What advice to do you have for other B Corps and purpose-led businesses that want to improve their impact?

You don’t have to be a big business to make a positive impact, you just need to make good choices all the time. It’s important to remember that every small decision for the right reason is a step in the right direction. Being a part of the B Corp community and being active at the community events is a great way to remain inspired and exposed to fresh ideas or perspectives. It’s a great opportunity to align with like-minded companies who share thoughts and ideas on how to do business better!



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