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BFTW 2019 Workers: Reho Travel

Reho Travel was one of the first B Corp certified travel companies and are super proud of it! They have a passionate team who are determined to use their business as a force for good. We spoke to Nikki Beitner about their nomination for Best for the World Workers 2019.

1. What makes your company Best For The World?

Reho Travel is committed to making a difference to the world that our clients travel to, whether this is on business, on holiday or on a study tour.

2. What makes you stand out from other companies?

We are committed to influencing the entire travel industry in considering the entire supply chain. We would like to see an industry where customers are choosing an airline for its low fuel consumption, a hotel in the developing world for its labor practices, a tour company that involves the local community and books them all with a travel agency that has the awareness and experience to guide them toward suppliers that have a positive impact on the world. 3. How do you plan to celebrate?

We are planning a morning tea celebration that coincides with our 1% For the Planet membership announcement.

4. Part of being “Best for the World” is striving to always use your business as a force for good. What initiatives do you have planned for the coming year to continue to be Best for the World?

We are undertaking an in-depth review of our airline partners to investigate how committed they are to improve their impact.

5. What advice do you have for other B Corps and purpose-led businesses that want to improve their impact?

Connect with other purpose led businesses in your network and ensure your entire team is engaged with the company's purpose.



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