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BFTW Community and Overall: Miei Fiori

Miei Firori is shaking up the florist industry! As an online business they eliminate expenses and a whole lot of waste not to mention they have a 100%-net-profit-to-charity model. Creative Director and founder, Lyly Greca tells us more.

1. What makes your company Best For The World? Our business exist to combat poverty through innovative and creative business solutions that supports community and protects our planet in everything that we do.

2. What makes you stand out from other companies? We donate 100% net profit to fund local charity programs, we have a zero waste policy and a financial transparency model. 3. How do you plan to celebrate? Share the news with our community and thank our team who have been instrumental to our success.

4. Part of being “Best for the World” is striving to always use your business as a force for good. What initiatives do you have planned for the coming year to continue to be Best for the World?

We've put in place process to ensure everything we do is going to be measurable by 2020.

5. What advice do you have for other B Corps and purpose-led businesses that want to improve their impact?

Being purpose-led is not a one man job, rally the team/company around to determine a single area of impact to focus, set a goal, write the ‘How’ and allocate a person/team to ensure this is achieved.



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