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BFTW Environment: Pangolin Associates

There is no doubt that businesses are being forced to think increasingly more about climate change. Pangolin Associates are the experts on how businesses can get themselves climate-ready! We speak to Ian Smale, Managing Director at Pangolin Associates to find out more.

1. What makes your company Best For The World?

Pangolin Associates earned this honor because of initiatives such as being certified carbon neutral by the Australian Government, sourcing low carbon products and suppliers for operations, and encouraging action on climate change through their services and advice.

2. What makes you stand out from other companies?

We became a founding B Corporation in Australia because the principles of this global initiative align with Pangolin Associates’ own values. We hope to set an example for others in the business community, and to encourage urgent action on climate change.

3. How do you plan to celebrate?

Sharing the message and using it as a platform to encourage other organisations to follow the lead of the BCorp movement.

4. Part of being “Best for the World” is striving to always use your business as a force for good. What initiatives do you have planned for the coming year to continue to be Best for the World?

In the next year we are continuing and expanding our work with clients on climate change initiatives and emissions reductions.

5. What advice do you have for other B Corps and purpose-led businesses that want to improve their impact?

Grab a coffee with another BCorp - you can learn a lot! And might be surprised by the conversation!



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