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BlueRock knows how to create great workplaces

"Do things you love with people you care about and good things happen" - this is the motto that guides the team at BlueRock. Their team of experts provides full support to entrepreneurs and business owners to grow ideas into ‘wow’ businesses. We are really excited to have BlueRock come on board as a Major Partner of Champions Retreat!

BlueRock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm of 11 specialised divisions that work together to

support our clients in every aspect of business. Our expertise covers accounting, digital services,

legal guidance, insurance, private wealth and oh so much more. But we are more than just named boxes to be ticked on another government form — we are a community.

Our story started in 2008 with 5 entrepreneurial minds. We put them in a somewhat wacky and

inspiring space, gave them the freedom to create their ideal workplace and let them hand pick like-minded clients. We knew the importance of allowing our staff to create the ideal space that balanced purpose and profit.

A few years down the track and we’re proud to have a community of more than 150 engaged,

determined and passionate BlueRockstars. We love our work and we understand how to create

great workplaces that attract and retain the best talent and clients. We place great importance on giving back to community and, through our certification as a B Corporation, we strive to have a positive impact on the world.

Our experienced and energetic people channel this passion to help entrepreneurs and business

owners grow ideas into ‘wow’ businesses by providing them with everything they need to succeed

— from accounting and legal advice to data insights and digital marketing.

"At BlueRock we aim to move beyond being your everyday advisory firm, because of all the things to invest in, investing in people and our community is the greatest opportunity of all. "

It's easy for a large multi dimensional business like Blue Rock to talk the big talk around community. For some work places it might seem like an outdated buzz word from 2002, but here at Blue Rock we really do live our community values within our work place and in the communities that we help.

We don't always like to toot our own horn but when we are regularly voted as one of the top workplaces in Australia it's a little bit hard to not crack open the party poppers and say YAY to our amazing team. Unlike other professional services firms we are big believers in stepping out of our office box and into the lives of our clients.

Transforming us from accountants, lawyers and digital folk into trusted advisers and members of our clients communities. Which brings us back to another reason why we are rather excited to be taking part in the B Corp Champions Retreat.

We love helping our clients but we are only as successful as the community that we surround ourselves with. By sponsoring and attending the B Corp Champions retreat we are walking amongst our B Corp peers, growing and developing our staff and embedding ourselves in a culture of the 3Ps - people, planet and profit.



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