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Citizen Wolf is now a Certified B Corporation

Combining algorithms and on-demand manufacturing, Citizen Wolf is creating the future of fashion today: custom, ethical and sustainable.

Three people stand with a Golden Retriever outside the Citizen Wolf factory.

Tell us a bit about what Citizen Wolf does.

Citizen Wolf makes mass-produced clothing obsolete to save our planet. Our Magic Fit® technology re-engineers the way casual clothes are made at scale to be custom fit to every body, zero waste and created with 48% less carbon than fast fashion equivalents.

Why? Because ⅔ of all clothes made end up in landfill within 12 months. The default model in the fashion industry is overproduction and in large part why it’s the second most polluting industry on earth after oil and gas (yes, really).

Starting with T-shirts as our proof of concept, Citizen Wolf combines algorithms and on-demand manufacturing to end disposable fashion and prove that the only truly sustainable option is made to order. Any brand running a traditional mass manufacturing model is contributing to the landfill issue - whether they admit it or not – and is therefore not sustainable.

Not only does Magic Fit® work, but it’s so good that we won a coveted Gold Good Design Award in 2019 for our innovative tech stack.

Two people in white t-shirts pose, one sitting with one standing close behind.

Why did you want to become a Certified B Corporation?

Sadly, it’s too easy within our industry to greenwash sustainability creds, but it’s something else entirely to be independently audited to verify your claims. We were attracted to B-Corp as the most stringent globally recognised certification, plus we knew that we’d be in good company to learn from and benchmark ourselves against the best brands on the planet. Plus we’ve adopted a saying here at Citizen Wolf from adman Bill Bernbach which states that: “It’s not a principle until it costs you money” so we’re very proudly putting our money where our mouth is!

What makes your B Corp unique as a business? Tell us some of the areas where you have the biggest impact, or some of the little changes you've made to make a difference.

We make only what we sell, onshore and ethically in our Sydney factory, and custom fit to each individual customer’s body measurements. Because we don’t sit on stock we immediately reduce our waste by 30% and to ensure absolutely nothing ends up in landfill, we upcycle our fabric scraps into our Zero Waste collection of Totes, scarves and knitting yarn.

We’ve also spent 5 years creating and refining our production methods to be more efficient, creating 48% less carbon overall compared to fast fashion equivalents, which is then carbon offset by 500% to be proudly carbon negative.
Shirts and fabric hang inside the Citizen Wolf factory.

Above all, we’ve discovered that when clothes fit perfectly and you have the chance to create exactly what you want – by choosing the fabric and colour and tweaking any design details – you're going to love that garment. And when you love something you take care of it, use it more and repair it rather than rush to replace it, which is why we offer free repairs for life.

Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps about the certification process?

While the accreditation process is lengthy and detailed, it’s also a great opportunity to be challenged and learn what else you can be doing better in your business. Getting accredited is not only a worthwhile goal but the journey is also an extremely valuable learning experience!

Learn more about Citizen Wolf here.



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