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Courage, Resilience & Leadership in the Climate Emergency

Small Giants is a network of organisations dedicated to building human prosperity in a flourishing web of life (including Dumbo Feather, The School of Life, Impact Safari, The Sociable Weaver & Impact Investment Group). Their mission is to partner with organisations that are shifting our communities towards empathy and the next economy. We are excited to have them on board as a Major Partner of Champions Retreat this year!

As the first Certified B Corp in Australia and responsible for bringing the movement to our shores, they have been an integral part of growing the B Corp movement and supporting B Lab over the years. In this blog, Kaj Lofgren, Director of Strategy at Small Giants shares plans on how to encourage resilience and leadership in a time of climate emergency.

This has been an extraordinary summer. With fires roaring through our country and smoke descending across our major cities, the climate emergency has taken centre stage in our media, our politics and our minds. Our country has changed forever. Our bushfire crisis also shone a light on the power of community to come together, to support one another and to fight back. In time, this orientation to community and love will also be what allows for healing and regeneration.

Whilst our current crisis is unprecedented, it is certainly not unforeseen. In this context, many of us have been asking how we should respond as individuals and as a community. The incredible outpouring of generosity in the form of donations has been a powerful response. As the millions of dollars have poured in we have also been thinking about the structural response required to shift our country to a more resilient and sustainable future. It becomes clear that B Corps and the B Corp movement play a critical role in this structural response. It is up to all of us as B Corps to consider how we can collectively advocate for a long-lasting economic and political shift that meets the scale of our climate emergency.

This collective action conversation will be a core part of our time together in Tasmania and this is a major reason why we are proud to be a partner of this year’s Champions Retreat.

Photo: ABC (Brodie Richardson)

Over summer we have also been pondering the question of how each of us can build resilience and find the courage to lead. If you have also been thinking about this then we encourage you to join us on a transformative journey to regional Victoria, ACT and NSW.

Developed in partnership with local organisations from across the region, this is an immersive program that is designed to explore the power of resilience and leadership in the face of the climate emergency. We will visit towns deeply affected by the 2019/2020 fire season and sit with community and their leaders. We will feel the force of the climate emergency and understand the power of resilience and regeneration. We will learn from community leaders, farmers and elders who are driving systemic change. We will seek to deeply understand our own roles in living in a country on the frontline of the climate emergency, and the broader responsibilities we face as leaders in transitioning to a resilient and regenerative economy.

Join us on Impact Safari Australia: Resilience & Regeneration in the Climate Emergency to explore how courageous we can and should be at this moment.

Kaj and the Small Giants team look forward to continuing conversations around courage & leadership in the Climate Emergency with you at the Champions Retreat in Tasmania!



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