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Flora & Fauna helping make your ethical consumption decisions easier

Flora & Fauna have been operating since 2014 with purpose at their core from that date. They became a B Corp in 2017 and we find out from Julie Mathers, their CEO, why they became a B Corp and why they choose to support the Champions Retreat.

When I started Flora & Fauna I wanted to create a retailer that made a difference. For many years I’d worked for retailers ignoring the impact of waste, ignoring the importance of traceability in the supply chain, ignoring inclusion and diversity and ignoring what products are made of. I wanted to change that so F&F was born. We’re now the world’s largest 100% vegan store with an unwavering focus on helping our planet and running an ethical retailer.

As a business we have always been driven by purpose and values. As we’ve grown and become more established this has become even more important to us. When we first heard about B Corp we knew it was something we wanted to be part of. We wanted to be part of a community driving change; it’s far easier to drive change when there are many people pulling together.

Since becoming a B Corp we have become even more focused on being a better business. We introduced an Australian first recycling scheme, have offset all our carbon, have introduced a paperless warehouse saving tonnes of paper and we’ve worked very closely with charities and local community around diversity, our environment and animal welfare. B Corp has helped us be even better. We have a big 2020, and beyond, planned.

B Corp has been such a big part of our journey so it is very important for us to support the retreat and be a part of it. We can’t wait to get there and start collaborating.

Julie will be at the retreat so come and say hello.



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