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Frank Wild is now a Certified B Corporation

Frank Wild is a creative agency specialising in sustainable event production — everything from custom event builds, brand activations, hospitality experiences, conferences, business events, galas, art installations, festivals, and most things in between. Founded in 2014, Frank Wild also assesses carbon emissions for events and is a registered consultant for Climate Active.

Crowd shot at a Frank Wild event

Director Marky Rochford explained that B Corp certification was a natural fit for the business. "Frank Wild was started with the intention of providing a more sustainable approach for the events industry and to show that it is possible to do things differently. B Corp seemed like the obvious benchmark by which we could measure and align ourselves to, and also for being part of a like-minded business community."

Developing their own sustainability assessment system that enables them to calculate potential and actual emissions of any event is just one of many ways Frank Wild is making an impact.

"We provide our clients with a detailed report on their event and also the certification for carbon credits. It's surprising how unaware clients are of their impacts, but also incredibly inspiring to see the change in their approach once they work with us."

Crowd shot at Pause Fest, a Frank Wild event

When thinking about the business practices Frank Wild would like to see become the norm, Marky said, "we feel that all businesses should be aware of their emissions, be accurately recording them, and be actively working at reducing them."

"The events industry is notoriously wasteful but we also see events as effective communication tools for clients. We'd like to see all events include a strong message about sustainability that not only inspires all stakeholders but shows that it is possible to do events in a less impactful way."

Man speaking at a Frank Wild event

Marky and the team offer sound advice for aspiring B Corps: "See it as a process to help you develop your company, discover why it is in existence, and learn what is truly important to you and your team."



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