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Frost*collective is now a Certified B Corporation

Frost*collective is an independent strategic collective dedicated to designing a better world.

Frost*collective's specialists work across branding, strategy, design, and communications right through to place visioning, property marketing, and wayfinding – solving problems with empathy and creativity to design experiences that benefit people, business, and the planet.

As a design company, Frost*collective creates solutions that make the world a better place. They chose to certify "to measure the positive impact of these solutions, not as guesswork, but by meeting the highest environmental and social standards. It means we join a global community of B Corps using business for good, and it means we're held accountable to keep designing a better world," said Founder and CEO, Vince Frost.

The Frost*collective team hold signs that say 'Designing a better world starts with designing a better business.'

Having a supportive work environment, a light environmental footprint, and working with and volunteering for charities are some of the ways Frost*collective sees their everyday operations as a way to make an impact.

"As designers, we’re uniquely positioned to apply our skills in solving problems with empathy to different businesses, industries and countries. We have dedicated specialist teams who operate across society, continents and with clients from diverse backgrounds to bring their vision to life, so we’re able to see first-hand the impact our work has on the world."

Vince believes, "it should be business-as-usual practice to constantly look for ways to be more sustainable, more inclusive, and more conscientious. Whether it's a weekly meeting agenda on doing better initiated by leaders or company-wide volunteering – it should be coming from all corners of the business."

The Frost team gather in front of the OzHarvest truck.

When we asked Vince whether a particular B Corp inspired them to certify, he said, "we've always looked up to Patagonia as a business doing good things by giving back to society and being sustainable – not just through virtue signaling and a couple of donations to charity, but by revolutionising the clothing industry with sustainable practices and making a real difference to the communities they operate in. Beyond that, we've been lucky to work with many B Corps – including KeepCup, Koskela, and Beckon – who have inspired us to solve problems that benefit people and the planet."

For businesses going through the certification process Vince explains, "it's not something you do overnight; it requires a lot of collaboration – from management filling out policy forms to heads-of-business aligning on which work to refuse and which to take on, to our team contributing ideas for how we can improve as a business."

"But it's worth it. When we finally announced our certification, everyone in the design and business community was over the moon. Our clients and our team are so proud to be using business as a force for good."

Find out more about Frost*collective's work here.



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