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Going Green Solutions is now a Certified B Corporation

Going Green Solutions is an eco-shop that stocks a range of sustainable products — from personal care to green cleaning, to recycled fashion and DIY food, just to name a few. Specialising in 100% certified commercially compostable catering and packaging supplies (manufactured by fellow B Corp BioPak), Going Green enables customers to 'shop by values'.

Based in Melbourne on Wurundjeri Country, Going Green also offers home energy efficiency assessments throughout the metropolitan region.

Going Green shop display of reusable water bottles.

Deciding to become a Certified B Corporation was simple, "it matched our philosophy about life and business - that we need to think about the consequences of everything we do and consider the environment, people and society in our decision-making," says Lucinda Flynn, owner and co-founder of Going Green.

"We live and breathe sustainability in our home lives. Not only do we sell products to help people become more sustainable, but we are a local hub where people can find out information on a range of sustainability and energy efficiency topics, and recycle through our Terracycle community recycling bins."
Going Green packaging products ready to be sent to their shoppers.

As someone who works to minimise waste and help her community recycle, Lucinda said she hoped to see more businesses consider the whole lifecycle of their products, from beginning to end. "I also want to see business owners realising that they do not have to choose between being sustainable and ethical and profitable, but can be both."

Going Green was inspired to certify through their working relationship with BioPak. "They've been an enormous support to us over the years," said Lucinda.

Young girl holding dog in Going Green Solutions store.

After working on the certification over several years, Going Green offered a word of advice to aspiring B Corps: patience. "It can take an entire year for the process to be complete. But it does really help you focus in on what you do and how it could be done even better."

Find out more about Going Green Solutions.



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