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Governing the pursuit of purpose: a new model for B Lab in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand (AANZ) was launched in 2013 to build momentum locally for what was then still a fledgling movement out of the USA seeking to redefine success in business: to use business as a force for good. Since then the movement has grown to more than 4,000 businesses globally, in 70+ countries, with over 350 B Corps in our region.

B Corps in our region now represent myriad industries, and range from start-ups to mature businesses. All up B Corps here generate more than A$7bn in revenue per annum. The early adopters, predominantly small-medium enterprises in services sectors, have paved the way for larger businesses, with manufacturers, retailers, banks, and agribusiness enterprises all represented — united in their desire to see business have a positive impact, and sharing our vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economics system for all people and the planet.

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“Since it was originally founded by a vanguard of Australian B Corps, B Lab AANZ has been a start-up in a fast moving and complex environment. B Lab AANZ’s governance requirements have also been dynamic and demanding — overseeing the growth of an organisation, serving a diverse community of businesses, working in step with a global movement, and promoting transition to a better economy. It’s time to rethink the governance approach that we need to see B Lab continue to grow and pursue its mission.” — Alex Hannant, Co-Chair, B Lab AANZ

This community of innovators, aligned in seeing the importance of delivering a public benefit alongside profit, and considering their impact on stakeholders as well shareholders, look to B Lab to provide both service and support, and to lead the local movement. B Lab AANZ has expanded its team and evolved its business and operating model through the pandemic period in conjunction with changes to the B Lab model globally. We have reached the point where our growth, our movement, needs more input and stewardship from B Corps but our community has grown to a point that can’t be done through personal connections alone.

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“This role has been the most challenging but fulfilling work of my life, and amongst many learnings it has become clear to me that to move into our next phase — to drive the change we seek — we need to centre the Certified B Corporation community in our governance system.” — Andrew Davies, CEO, B Lab AANZ

With this in mind, we have been working all year on a new model of governance. B Lab AANZ will be launching a new B Council and Horizon Council in the year ahead, with the B Council arriving in late 2021. Alongside this, we’re recruiting new Board members. The Board, B Council, and Horizon Council are designed to work as separate but interconnected elements of a governance system. For a deeper perspective on our thinking, including an outline of each of these new bodies, please take a look at the paper linked below, and if you’d like to connect to discuss our thinking, please get in touch:

We're also excited to announce that expressions of interest for both the B Council and the board are now open. Head to our new governance page for more details, and to access our new interactive visual representation of the model.



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