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Guidestar is now a Certified B Corporation

Guidestar is a registered NDIS provider focused on tailored supports for people and organisations within the health and community services sectors.

Guidestar works with individuals, families, and organisations, with a focus on supporting people with complex mental health or dual disability, including intellectual disability, cognitive disability, developmental disability, severe mental illness, or psychosocial disability and their families. They also provide training, therapy and psychology services.

Their decision to certify as a B Corp was driven not only by a commitment to supporting people with disabilities, but also by their team's values. "We care about our environment, believe in ethical purchasing and want to ensure our organisation makes a positive contribution to society," said CEO and Principal Psychologist Helen Killmier. "We want to attract and retain team members that share our values."

The Guidestar team gather in front of their office with smiles.

With trauma-informed services, Guidestar aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with complex disability, mental health concerns and their families.

A yellow cake decorated with honeycomb and frosting bees.
The Guidestar team celebrated with a 'B' cake.

"We focus on human rights and social justice principles, and work to reduce or eliminate any restrictive practices for those we serve," explained Helen. "We also support other professionals through ongoing supervision and support, and provide training to the sectors where we work."

Guidestar's work allows them to see the myriad of barriers to access Australians with a disability face in both public and private spaces. "We'd love to see the business community see the value of diversity and inclusion," said Helen. "

If more businesses could provide opportunities for learning and personal growth, we'd be preparing tomorrow's leaders."

After completing the certification process, the Guidestar team had some words of wisdom for businesses going through the process. "Be clear about what you want to achieve and why and what it will bring to your business," they wrote. "Use the certification to take a deep dive into your business and find ways to improve policy and processes so that these become embedded in the DNA of your company."

"Make sure your team are onboard and don't give up, the road can be long and challenging but very rewarding."

Find out more about Guidestar's work here.



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