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Hesperia is now a Certified B Corporation

Based in Western Australia, Hesperia is a property developer formed from a long and trusted relationship between two local businesses: Linc Property and Fini Group. Their Western Australian heritage gave inspiration for the name Hesperia, the Latin word for 'western land'

Recognising the unique identity of Western Australia, Hesperia works to evolve the built environment alongside the growing community. "Understanding and respecting our past creates better places for people to live and work," says Sustainability Manager, Mark Taylor. "Our projects address intergenerational equity, working towards solving the problems of our time so that future generations will have a better quality of life."

A group of people stand with shovels at a new construction site.

With projects spanning across commercial, industrial, residential, retail, medical, and hospitality sectors, Hesperia's work has far-reaching and lasting impact. In light of this, the team wanted to ensure their aspirations for continuous improvement would be embedded in the future of the business.

"B Corp certification is part of our ongoing dedication to maintaining the highest levels of performance, and seeking to adopt international best practice in sustainability across our projects," says Mark. "It recognises the measures we take to ensure our day-to-day operations and business model positively impact the environment, our people, communities and customers."

With the scale of their footprint front of mind, the Hesperia team have made massive strides in their environmental impact. "We have adopted a comprehensive sustainability strategy to guide our business decisions from the earliest planning to final delivery," says Mark.

"We're looking to have all of our projects operating with renewable energy from on and off-site sources. We're also adopting new, more sustainable construction methods including low carbon concrete mixes, applying recycled materials in an expanding range of uses, and are on a journey to ensure our supply chains are best practice."

The Hesperia team gather outdoors in the bush in activewear.

Hesperia aims to be a leader in the property development industry by "consistently challenging conventions and seeking to promote evolution across the sector."

They collaborate with researchers, institutions, and industry experts across their projects to help find new ways to reduce their impact while offering transparency about what they achieve.

"Our objective is to share our learnings and create an industry pathway for continuous improvement," says Mark. "Incorporating sustainability metrics and reporting must become standard practice".

Find out more about Hesperia's work here.



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