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How eWater Systems is reducing chemical waste

eWater Systems is a Melbourne-based B Corp challenging the notion that cleaning and hygiene management requires an abundance of packaged chemicals. Utilising sustainable electrolysis technology, their product solutions to date have helped over 500 Australian businesses replace over 175 million litres of chemicals removing the need for an estimated 40 million plastic containers.

eWater Systems certified as a B Corporation in 2016. As founder Phil Gregory reflects, ‘the B Corporation certification was a natural progression for our business. It put a formal framework around our existing belief system of a business as force for good – in particular for us – for the environment and people. However, the added value has been the powerful collective of the B Corporation community, something we are proud to be a part of’.

The impact of eWater Systems sustainable hygiene solutions on chemical and packaging reduction has seen the business recognised in B Lab's annual ‘Best in the World’ awards, as well honoured as a finalist in the Banksia Sustainability Awards and win the Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards.

An eWater Systems filter sits above a sink in an office, with 2 spray bottles.

How eWater is helping businesses reduce their chemical reliance

Simply put, eWater is an onsite generator of cleaning, sanitising and, disinfectant solution that requires only salt, water, and electricity as inputs. The system requires a simple installation in a kitchen or cleaning room and – at the press of a button – will produce an unlimited supply, replacing the need for the majority of commercial cleaning, sanitising and disinfectants found in businesses around the country.

eWater Disinfectant has been tested and listed by the TGA as commercial grade disinfectant proven to kill COVID-19, and additionally holds accreditations from fellow B Corp GECA, Australian Organics and HACCP as a food safe product. Combining natural ingredients, on-site generation and reusable consumables, eWater is the most sustainable TGA listed disinfectant and cleaning solution on the market – what eWater Systems calls ‘Hygiene that doesn’t cost the Earth’.

As Phil explains ‘Hygiene that doesn’t cost the Earth is about delivering on 4 fronts – efficacy, economy, sustainability and safety’.

Today, there are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in use around the world. Most are unregulated and many have a damaging effect on our environment and the people who use them. In 2019, the UN announced in their Global Chemicals Outlook that chemicals have become ubiquitous in humans and the environment and urgent action was required to prevent further damage to human health and economies.

For businesses that want to minimise their impact on workers, community, environment and customers, the replacement of chemicals with proven sustainable alternatives like eWater can be an effective way of doing that.

Two spray bottles of eWater products sit on a counter.

Benefits for business

The onsite generator solution provides an avenue to reduce the use of chemicals, but sustainability isn't always a trade-off. The B Corp outlines the below benefits for businesses:

  • The solution is low cost to operate

  • It reduces the reliance on single use consumables and plastic waste streams

  • It removes harsh and synthetic chemicals from the workplace

  • It improves workplace health, removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), artificial fragrances and chemical residues

  • It empowers teams to access a secure and effective product with refillable bottles as and when they need it (and even take to take it home to use)

It also can be used across different applications, reducing a wide range of specialised chemical products down to four solutions. eWater Systems supports a range of commercial cleaning and hygiene management from shopping centres to David Jones stores, as well as restaurants and production kitchens. It has been approved as a food safe solution and a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals used to wash and sanitise produce.

B Corp Month discount for businesses

To celebrate B Corp Month and support fellow B Corps, eWater Systems is offering a 20% discount on the rental of an eWater Standalone System. Get in touch with the team at eWater to find out more.



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