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HPC Global is now a Certified B Corporation

HPC Global brings together specialist performance and business coaches to deliver meaningful personal and professional development for organisations globally. Our work is creative and collaborative, sharing skills from our diverse backgrounds to help others succeed in their chosen field. After 15 years of scaling HPC Global into many countries, we turned our focus to transitioning workforces in 2017, in readiness for the automation and AI revolution. Transition Hub is our future of work brand, which brings even more coaches to our mission of humanising the future of work. We provide the guidance, support and dynamism needed to help people find the confidence to navigate a positive path forward into the future of work.

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Why become a B Corp?

High Performance Coaching (HPC) was founded in 2002 to bring performance and presence coaching to the corporate world. Our business model enables our diverse team of coaches to share skills, techniques and practices with organisations wanting to help their people develop confidence throughout their careers. We also train future leaders to develop their own coaching practices and human-centred leadership skills for their team. It makes perfect sense for HPC to align with B Corporation who approve and certify companies who are socially conscious, ethically-minded and purpose-driven. Certifying as a B Corp also amplifies our Transition Hub mission to change the way organisations approach career transition through coaching, community and connection.

Certifying as a B Corp represents every step we've taken to bring humanity, creativity and connection through our coaching worldwide. We are excited to join our fellow B Corp community to ensure a humanised future of work for all. - Louise Watts, Co-Director

What makes HPC Global unique?

Our HPC Global ‘Champion Programs’ enable us to scale our impact globally by training leaders to help others go forward. We elevate our coaching team with flexible assignments, global work opportunities, upskilling and collegial partnerships. Transition Hub is our unique way of addressing career transition needs, helping people to reimagine their future.

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Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps?

Attend a Become a B Corp workshop if you can to kick-start your assessment and ask questions in real-time. Work consistently and stay in communication with the team. Focus on your strengths - you can't tick every box but for the ones you do, really make the most of them.

Learn more about HPC Global here.



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