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Launching the SDG Action Manager: a new tool to track your progress

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the SDG Action Manager!

We have 10 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. To help businesses take meaningful action, B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact have developed the SDG Action Manager. This new impact management solution is designed to help businesses set goals, track progress, and accelerate action towards achieving the SDGs.

Want to learn more about the SDGs? Interested to find out how the SDG Action Manager compares to the B Impact Assessment (BIA)? Read our Q&A about this new and exciting tool.

So what does the SDG Action Manager mean for…

B Corps

  • B Corps can log into their BIA, switch across to the SDG Action Manager (as it uses the same platform) and previous answers from their BIA will be pulled across to the Action Manager to map progress towards the SDGs.

  • Learn how Danone is enlisting the SDG Action Manager to understand their impact and contribution towards the SDGs.

Non B Corps

Sign up and find out how your business can be working towards SDG goals that are relevant to your industry.

Aspiring B Corps

If you have started a BIA - log into the assessment and switch over to the Action Manager - relevant answers from your BIA will be pulled across and you will have to complete the rest of the questions on the tool.

To get started measuring your progress towards the SDGs, create an account on the new SDG Action Manager here.



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