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Lonsdale Solutions is now a Certified B Corporation

Lonsdale Solutions is a consultancy that provides project leadership that helps their clients create and embrace new value.

Tell us a bit more about Lonsdale Solutions' work.

We started Lonsdale Solutions in 2009 because we saw that our clients needed more than just project delivery, they needed project leadership. We get engaged by our clients typically to come in and help them deliver their high priority, high value or high complexity digital, technology or business transformation projects. ​

Why did you want to become a Certified B Corporation?

We've been around since 2009 and it's always been important to us that we look after our people & clients, are community minded and conscious of our impact on the planet. We've always wanted Lonsdale Solutions to be a sustainable business that we're proud to run and our employees feel proud to be a part of. In 2019 we were looking at ways we could improve the way we ran our business and the B Corporation impact assessment provided us with a framework we could use that aligned with our core values and helped us to make a more deliberate commitment to be a purpose driven consultancy.

What makes your B Corp unique as a business? Tell us some of the areas where you have the biggest impact, or some of the little changes you've made to make a difference.

As what we produce is services not products, to be honest we found it a little difficult to define what makes us unique as a B Corp at first. We're not procuring a large amount of product that we can make more ethical or local creating a grand gesture. But we realised that there aren't many consultancies like ours operating in the commercial space with big business as clients who have made this commitment to genuinely be purpose-driven.

It's the hundreds of 1% changes we've made that add up to a big difference in the way we engage with our clients, employees and communities, and what they can expect from us, or just as importantly not expect from us. For anyone working with us, knowing that we've got a charitable giving program our employees run - which allocates a percentage of our revenue to philanthropic activities - creates a tie between our business activities and improving the lives of others.

We also try and reduce our impact on the planet aiming to be carbon neutral through tracking our footprint and purchasing carbon offset credits each year. The clients we want to work with understand value is more than just cost, and working with us helps in a small way to create a more just and sustainable world that benefits all.

Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps about the certification process?

Be prepared for it to take longer than you anticipated. It took us over 18 months to certify.

Learn more about Lonsdale Solutions here.



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