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Red Wagon is now a Certified B Corporation

Red Wagon Workplace Solutions provides open and forthright human resources (HR) advice to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. Offering a range of services, they bring vision and expertise into organisations to mitigate risks and address any underlying challenges.

We’re experts in piecing together pieces of the HR puzzle to create a polished solution. offering services in: Complaints Handling, HR Advisory Services, HR Investigations, HR Strategies, Reviews and Coaching, Industrial Relations (IR) Function Audits, Restructure and Redesign Advisory and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

"I believe that no matter what your role is in the workplace or the community, everybody has the potential to make a significant positive impact on others through their actions and behaviours," says Red Wagon founder Susan Sadler. "I founded Red Wagon on the principle that through straight-talking HR advice we can make a difference to individuals, businesses and the community. This is a shared value and ethic of every member of the Red Wagon team."

"We decided to become a B Corp to be transparent in our goals and be publicly accountable for doing what we say we will."

Over the past year, Susan credits the pandemic to helping the Red Wagon team take stock and set healthy boundaries around work practices - especially when it comes to travel. "There are obvious benefits to the environment with reduced emissions, but it's also sensible in terms of efficiency and for supporting flexibility in work from home - or anywhere - arrangements," reflected Susan. "With children and dogs now readily accepted to join meetings, I think it's a positive change."

The Red Wagon team are also avid coffee drinkers, and they hope to see more cafes take up more reusable, compostable, or recyclable options for customers.

Red Wagon was initially introduced to the certification by fellow B Corp Torrens University. "When I realised what a powerful accountability framework it was, I researched other Australian B Corps and used them for inspiration and guidance in our certification journey."

When asked for advice to share with businesses aspiring on the journey, Red Wagon suggested "to simply jump in and start the process. The B Corp community is so supportive, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help."

Learn more about Red Wagon Workplace Solutions here.



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