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Ring the Bell: Karst Stone Paper

We spoke with Jon Tse, co-founder of Karst Stone Paper to learn a little more about the newest addition to the B Corp community!

Please describe in a few lines what your company does.

Karst Stone Paper is a brand that creates beautiful products for home and workplace using sustainable, alternative materials.

What motivated you to pursue B Corp certification?

It is important to set the best example for start-ups and high growth companies that growth and financial objectives are only part of business success; it is also about your impact socially, environmentally and ethically. Achieving all of this is true business success.

How do you plan to celebrate your B Corp certification? Joining the next B Local Sydney community event!

Can you share some of the initiatives or impact areas you do really well in, that qualify you as a B Corp? Grass roots movements and building confidence amongst youths is a very important pillar of our company, so we sponsor numerous events and activities such as the T3 Australia football academy trip to Japan for girls and boys striving to become better footballers and humans.

Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps about the certification process? Commit to the process.

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1 Comment

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