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Ring the bell: Start Broadband

We spoke with Andrew Whelan, co-founder of Start Broadband to learn a little more about the newest addition to the B Corp community!

Please describe in a few lines what your company does.

Business internet and phone systems

What motivated you to pursue B Corp certification?

We want our business to be a force for good and to be held to the highest standards possible.

How do you plan to celebrate your B Corp certification?

After a one-year long process, we celebrated our B Corp certification with a few 4 Pines beers at the office

Can you share some of the initiatives or impact areas you do really well in, that qualify you as a B Corp?

Our Life Changing Connections Program provides a home internet connection for families experiencing disadvantage. This one simple connection opens up a whole new world of opportunity including access to education, job search and essential online services.

Do you have any tips for aspiring B Corps about the certification process?

Enjoy the journey. You will learn a lot about your business and how to make it better.



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