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Ring the Bell: Synlait

Synlait’s journey started at a humble dairy farm in 2000, and they have been growing ever since. Today, they achieved another milestone: achieving B Corp certification.

Synlait offers a range of dairy products from infant formulas to yoghurts and cheeses, each made with sustainability in mind. Their commitments across three pillars environment, people, and enterprise guide them on a road of constant improvement. Their B Corp certification is a great indication that they’re on the right track.

With a 700-strong workforce, Synlait is a complex business. But their purpose is simple: to do milk differently for a healthier world.

“Today’s consumers have rapidly shifting expectations on how we should care for our people and planet,” says Synlait’s CEO Leon Clement. “We have responded ensuring our business, as a milk nutrition company, is fit for a better world. Being a Certified B Corp™ creates a new benchmark for our company, our customers and our community.”

The process was no easy feat; Synlait engaged a team of over 30 employees to achieve the certification. After five months of rigorous assessment, we are proud to welcome them to the community. Their commitment to sustainability shines through their relationships with farmers, staff, animals, and the planet.

“If you want to understand what it means to put sustainability at the heart of a complex business, take a moment today to look over what Synlait does,” says Andrew Davies, CEO of B Lab Australia and New Zealand.

"Synlait’s certification is not only a win for Synlait, but a win for the B Corp movement. We congratulate Synlait on their achievements across a number of areas including governance, workers treatment, environment and supply chain screening and management, and highlight their impressive Lead With Pride™ programme.”

Learn more about Synlait’s B Corp Certification here.



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