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State of the B case study: BlueRock

Blue Rock is a specialist entrepreneurial advisory firm. They look after small to medium size business owners providing solutions in all areas related to accounting, law, wealth management, insurance, technology, digital marketing, finance and lending.

Why did your business become a Certified B Corporation?

Becoming a B-Corp certified business means reevaluating what “success” in business entails. Revenue and profit are great, sure, but at Blue Rock, we’ve always felt there was something more to aspire to—the opportunity to create a greater prosperity for all.

B Corp companies hold themselves to a higher standard in the areas of social and environmental impact, transparency, and business governance. It’s a standard Blue Rock admires, and that’s why we went on a quest to achieve it.

What changes did you make during the certification process?

Yes! We had to change and address numerous policies and procedures. Some were just small tweaks to the way we do things or simply to document the way we do things. There were other areas that we hadn’t considered as some of these items had

never come up. It opened our eyes to many important areas and felt it gave our business more governance and emphasis on making Bluerock a great place to work both for our staff, clients and the environment.

What are the positive impact your business has on environment, workers, and/or community?

We’ve set up the B Corp Collective which is a group of 30 employees that comes together monthly to talk about B Corp related issues. This has improved employee engagement and has also resulted in us switching to a carbon neutral electricity provider and B Corp travel company, and our team getting involved in local environmental projects.

Becoming a B-Corp certified business means reevaluating what “success” in business entails

Do you have impact improvements planned?

In the customers impact area we want to work with as many B Corps as we can. We are hosting events for the B Corp community to connect and learn - it would be great to create a hub for purpose driven businesses in the future. We are continuing to review [the B Impact] Assessment to ensure alignment.

What benefits have you experienced from being a Certified B Corporation?

It’s a really fulfilling experience to be involved in a business that operates for purpose and profit.

Aaron March, Director Accounting, BlueRock

B Lab AUNZ gratefully acknowledges the low bono accommodation and professional services support of BlueRock.

This case study is featured in B Lab's State of the B Report 2019.



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