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TheFulcrum.Agency is now a Certified B Corporation

Established in 2018, TheFulcrum.Agency is a creative consultancy that leverages community and social outcomes through evidence-based design thinking in the built environment. They work between design, advocacy, research, and action to address inequality, create impact, and find opportunities across Australia.

With offices in Perth and Sydney, TheFulcrum.Agency delivers across a broad range of built environment typologies – from infrastructure and large-scale settlement planning to bespoke design outcomes. Working in the community and remotely, TheFulcrum.Agency has developed systems for communicating in the most challenging of circumstances.

As part of celebrating TheFulcrum.Agency's recent certification, we spoke with the team to learn more about their work and their journey to certification.

The Fulcrum Agency team - 8 people looking at the camera

When we asked the team at TheFulcrum.Agency why they wanted to become a Certified B Corporation, they said, "we have sought to re-imagine the way an architecture practice might operate. From inception, we were determined to use our skills in the built environment for the greater good. B Corp certification demonstrates that TheFulcrum.Agency is committed to balancing profit against impacts on people and the planet."

"The certification process was intense, requiring us to closely examine all aspects of the business, from staff wellbeing to finances, to the way we engage with clients."

TheFulcrum.Agency Partner Emma Williamson said, ‘We appreciate the opportunity the process gave us to reflect on the way we do things and consider how we can continue to improve. We embrace change for good!’"

Man and woman working together

There are many things that make TheFulcrum.Agency a unique business — including their ongoing commitment to reconciliation in their decision-making."Our client base is primarily made up of First Nations organisations and non-Indigenous clients who are looking to incorporate a First Nations perspective into their projects. We are well on our way to being the first architectural practice in Australia to have an endorsed Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan in place," they said.

"B Corp certification extends the focus from reconciliation to include other aspects of ethical business, including staff wellbeing and remuneration, to the environmental impact of the way we practice."

"We have taken the opportunity to look at the impact of all our actions – both big and small. We hope that our certification demonstrates to other small-medium sized organisations that it’s possible to have an ambitious approach to business."
A group of people sitting together having food and drink

B Corps want to help transform our economy into one that is inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative. For TheFulcrum.Agency, they would love to see businesses of all sizes working toward improving their practice for the greater good. "No matter what size, it is possible for business owners to take ownership of our impacts and feel empowered to make positive changes. We think that it is possible to have a successful business, to make a profit, and to make a positive and lasting impact".

A handful of certified architectural practices on the east coast inspired TheFulcrum.Agency to strive for B Corp certification, and on reflection, the team said they have "so much respect for them knowing that their businesses have gone through such a rigorous process of certification."

For those thinking about starting the journey, a few words of advice from The Fulcrum.Agency team: "Honestly – the main thing is patience!"



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