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Trineo is now a Certified B Corporation

We are incredibly proud to announce our official status as a Certified B Corporation (B Corp).

Almost 11 years ago, my co-founder Dan Fowlie and I started this company based on a fundamental value system, one that strives for great outcomes for its people (employees and customers) as well as traditional business metrics. We recognised that treating people the way we wanted to be treated really did generate outcomes greater than the sum of its parts, and that building a culture around this philosophy made for a much happier, creative workplace.

I often think about the notion of interdependence and our ability to evolve together with intelligent and nuanced application of hard-earned (read: riddled with mistakes) experience, emotional maturity, striving to be open-minded and very importantly laughing (at yourself) often.

A group of Trineo staff raise their hands in excitement.

As part of an interdependent system, we believe that every organisation should serve multiple stakeholders: employees, customers, communities, shareholders and our environment/nature. This list is balanced and holistic. If you reflect on this list for a moment, it becomes apparent that decisions are made more complex and nuanced because one has to take more variables into consideration. There’s a more complete sense of responsibility there that may not be at the top of mind for companies that are driven purely by financial considerations.

Ours is the harder path to travel, and it leads to a better outcome in the long term.

As a new USA & Canada member and the first B Corp certified Salesforce Partner in ANZ, Trineo is now part of a global community of more than 3,600 for-profit business leaders who have undertaken the rigorous assessment and are pledging to use business as a force for good. The assessment measures a business’s ongoing impact on its workers, community and suppliers, customers, governance and the environment. Becoming a B Corp took thoughtful and persistent effort. For Trineo, the B Impact Assessment process took nearly two years, from early discussions through to achieving certification. This was an incredible undertaking by several dedicated and tenacious team members, for whom we are extremely thankful. Through this process, we learned and have applied new best practices and have made adjustments to improve our business. These progressive changes alone validate the effort that our team put in, and the certification is a fantastic recognition of this.

You can view our assessment here.

This certification marks the first step in a long journey for Trineo. Becoming a B Corp helps us to achieve our commitment to the aforementioned stakeholders and feels like a natural progression to join a community of responsible businesses worldwide who are using their influence and doing business for good.

So what are we committing to?

At Trineo, we call our commitment to our community and planet Seva. Seva, pronounced “say va”, is the sanskrit word for service, and formally it means, “selfless service”.

As part of our Seva squad, we have identified dedicated B Hivers who will be focused on continuously improving our business practices and ensuring our dedication to upholding B Corp standards remains ingrained throughout our culture.

As one of the first professional service companies in software development to become B Corp certified, we hope to inspire more businesses in our ecosystem to join the movement of using business as a force for good. It is through our striving to balance inclusivity, sustainability and service that we will attract and work with partners, customers and employees that share our values. It is our hope that through these engagements we may further amplify the many wonderful ways in which our commitment to Seva and B Corp can improve both quality of work and quality of life.

There is much more to come from the Trineo team as our Seva Squad formulates the ongoing initiatives in which we will best serve our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and our environment/nature. We can’t wait to get to know our new B Corp communities and explore the great things we can do together! Learn more about Trineo here.



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