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Paid vaccination leave: 'it just makes sense'

Why B Corps can lead by supporting employees with access to vaccinations

By James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel

After all the delays and confusion around Australia’s vaccine rollout, businesses have a vital role to play in making it easier for employees to access their vaccinations as soon as they can.

Intrepid Travel has introduced paid vaccination leave for all our global office-based team members, ensuring our people in 25 offices across the world can receive their vaccines as soon as they can.

As the world’s largest travel B Corp, this really is the least we can do for our staff.

Fellow employees engaging in COVID safe practices

Not only does paid vaccination leave encourage people to get their vaccination as soon as they can, people who are vaccinated are also able to share their experience, which can help ease vaccine hesitancy.

High vaccination rates are our key to restarting economies, reopening countries, and reconnecting industries.

For us, as a certified B Corp, this just makes a lot of sense.

Like everyone in tourism, our team has carried a heavy load during the pandemic.

The ray of hope for all of us is, of course, COVID-19 vaccinations.

Employers can (and should) listen to their staff and contribute towards this global effort by offering all employees the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as they can. This isn’t only a benefit for employees. It’s good for everyone – including our customers, the communities we visit, and our shareholders.

Intrepid Travel offers two half-days per office-based employee – wherever they’re based in the world. This ensures our people have the time to travel safely to and from their vaccination hub, and can receive their jab on ‘work’ hours.

It really isn’t a huge commitment for an employer to make – and many companies have already stepped up for their team. We’ve joined hundreds of other businesses as members of the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive, which calls for businesses to pledge:

  1. Provide permanent employees with paid leave accessible twice, for both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.

  2. Provide paid vaccination leave or flexible options to make it easier for casual employees to attend vaccination appointments.

  3. Make paid vaccination leave available to employees throughout the Government’s vaccine rollout.

COVID-19, face mask painted on a wall

Our people can’t wait to get back to business and out on the road to connect with their colleagues and families around Australia and the world.

Vaccines are the way we’ll get there – now is the moment for the B Corp community to lead by introducing paid vaccination leave.

Find up-to-date advice on COVID-19 vaccines for Australia and New Zealand, or attend our B Corp COVID-19 vaccination information session with Osana Care.


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